domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011


Perhaps you have been attracted by this title because I am sad. Are you sad?
.. God is with you. Do not lose heart because the fight can be large and be difficult but God would never give this fight you're going if you're weak, you're just a blessed of the Lord. Today you're discouraged, it's sad, suffering for some reasons that perhaps nobody knows but the Lord who knows everything he is seeing his despair and will not let you have it just be testing how far faith can never give up and vai.Não but prove to everyone that we have a God who is present in every moment of our lives and that helps us when we need walks.
The tight chest, a lump in my throat, an urge to cry ... who has not experienced it? And we have more explanation about it, or how we know the reasons for such sorrow, what can we do to improve? That's what I want to talk with you, be sad or not.
Whether you are the type of person who seeks help, or those who prefer to isolate yourself, yes you can do something for you. The first important thing to remember is that everything in life is, then, soon, this sadness will last well. Remember it makes the sadness we can put in place, its intensity decreases and helps us to see it out.
Show helpPerhaps you have had a child, someone who got him on her lap when she was sad, someone who used to stroke her hair and whisper in their ears: - It will pass, everything will be OK ...
If you remember someone like that, try to imagine you're in the lap of that person right now, getting all that love, feeling safe in warm embrace. Close your eyes and try to imagine. Try to imagine the sadness becomes smaller as you will feel the warmth of that embrace. Think of that hug like the safest place in the world as a place that accepts you just as you are. Pay attention and experience the good feeling to be accepted as is. Accepts that embrace your pain, your sadness, your tears. Accepted you.
If you have never received something from anyone, no matter. You can receive now. Let's be careful, if only in your imagination. Imagine a person who can give it to you, give it the shape you want and drop it into his arms. It can heal deep wounds. Try it.
Another important point. Do not be struggling with grief. If it comes, open passage. Contact us and trust that, as he came, the time will come when she will. If you get angry with yourself for being sad, or be disappointed, or angry, will only make things worse. Think that sadness is just a feeling, like so many others. It is not you. This is important ... sorrow is not you!
It's just a feeling that is passing you by, like a passing cloud in the sky. Move back to be able to see better, not mixed with sadness.
Often when we are sad, also tend to think that our sorrow is greater than the sadness of anyone else. But this is not true. Many people feel sad as you, and survive, and are reborn, that place is on the other side of sadness. Sorrow is like falling from a waterfall, if you go through, there is a magical place waiting for you on the other side. Make a sad passage to something better. Think of the tears as a balm that heals old wounds, undo the knots in your throat and let the tightness in your chest to drain out of you. Accept your sadness and see dissolving this acceptance.
Important. When sad, be more careful with you. Often with an excuse to ease sadness, hurt ourselves even more. We drink too much, eat too much, use substances that cause damage to our body, we spend too much ... and forget that this only make us sad. Pay attention, and if you are sad, treat yourself with care and affection that you can. Make a warm footbath, place flowers in front of your dinner plate, listen to beautiful music, say a prayer. Change this line from acceptance and softness in you.
But if the sadness last long if the grief becomes a mud puddle that imprisons his feet, not too late to get help. Never agree to build your house in muddy terrain.
You may be asking, but why we are sad anyway? Is there any utility that feeling so sore? And I say yes. The sorrow is there to help us become aware that there is a pain in us. Only when we realize the pain that we can act to transform it. Thus, sadness brings information and always ask for some kind of transformation.If you are brave enough to hear what he says sadly, surely learn many things about you and will be able to cross it and arrive at that place ... a place full of life, joy and love.
Think of this place, waiting for you right now. Until then.
Source: Star Vya

51 How can you manage YOUR SADNESS

♡ First make a prayer to God requesting help and trust Him!♡ Do volunteer work♡ Say everything for someoneHug your friends ♡Use a colored clothing ♡♡ Buy a beautiful plant and give it a name.♡ Take a nap with her head turned to the other side of the bed♡ watch a silly comedy, the kind that you always look and say, "I'll never watch this movie"♡ Get a notebook and write a pretty good dayVisit a store Vintage ♡Start a blog ♡♡ Enters Pandora or LastFM radio and listen to a style of music you never heard before♡ Make lists (foods you never eat, clothes that are missing from your closet, places you want to know, you've kissed boys ...)♡ watch the movies you loved as a childIf you fantasize ♡♡ Do a make up scandalooo♡ Be optimistic♡ See a musical (even if rented)♡ Go to a sauna with several fashion magazines and let the sweat to take away the negative energies♡ Go to the movies alone♡ Take a recipe on the internet and try to cook something different.♡ Take swimmingContact ♡ good day for people on the street♡ Make friends with the neighbors do not know.♡ Flirt in the street.♡ Try to speak the alphabet while brushing your teeth (if possible severe)♡ Make a video diary♡ Make cookies and then eat♡ Change the color of your hair♡ Place a new art on your wall (pictures, posters, photos, paintings, drawings ...)♡ Paint the nail with a totally different color than you're used to.♡ Learn to play a new musical instrument♡ Write a letter to yourself, close and open the envelope and only years later.♡ Buy a scent different from the traditional.♡ Sit in a cafe with a good book and watch the people passing in the street♡ Plan a trip alone. Get a backpack and stay in a hostel, you will be amazed by this experience.Learn a new language ♡♡ Try a yoga class♡ Use a fake mustache all day.♡ Program your next holiday.♡ Take a bath two hours (for a massage cream hair, a face scrub and skin, use aromatherapy oils, creams and massage)♡ Eat the best chocolate you can find. In bed or bath.♡ Do something good for someone. It may be a favor, lend money, to help you find something, give to your sister that her dress that she loves and already borrowed several times.♡ Believe that everything will get better♡ Place at full volume and listen to the music you love, and dance with your pajamas.♡ Spend a bookstore and buy a special book to read on the way to work in the range of school, on weekends or at bedtime.♡ Visit a nursing home for elderly and spend the afternoon talking to someone who wants to be heard♡ Try a Craft. There are several tutorials on the internet.♡ Plan a party at your house. Do not need a reason, you can create something (happy hour, tea with the girls, slumber party, party for Aquarians, party cup cake)♡ Make a wish list and try to carry them throughout the year.♡ Love ... (a person, an animal, a book, music, poetry)kisses